An integrated software platform to streamline admin processes, enhance onboarding, and promote collaboration among construction teams.



Friendly user management (view user details, accept, reject and delete user)

Sites and teams

Location and team creation; group employees based on these criteria


Efficiently manage organisational or role specific inductions with video-based questionnaires


Customizable questionnaire regarding workers’ health status


Use text, images and files to send users important updates regarding their work

Time & Attendance

Monitor employees’ working hours with payroll purposes

Event Log

Access comprehensive event logs, apply filters, and navigate effortlessly for efficient monitoring


Effortlessly add and manage guests: view, edit, extend permissions


Enhanced qualification management: create templates, upload certificates/documents, and enable direct sharing


Sharing wellness through custom and specific categories, information or tips for awareness purposes

Conply Weel - Onboarding
Conply Weel - Safety and Training
Conply Weel - Security and Access Control
Conply Weel - Documents and Compliance
Conply Weel - 1 Identity
Conply Weel - 2 Induction
Conply Weel - 3 Health Status
Conply Weel - 4 Toolbox Talks
Conply Weel - 5 Safety Alerts
Conply Weel - 6 RAMS
Conply Weel - 7 Training
Conply Weel - 8 Wellbeing
Conply Weel - 9 Biometric Access
Conply Weel - 10 Time and Attendance
Conply Weel - 11 Permits
Conply Weel - 12 Reports
Conply features

1. Onboarding and Communication App

  • Watch video induction and answer video-based questions
  • Complete health & safety questionnaires
  • Access updates sent by admins
  • Fast check-in and check-out
  • Upload qualifications

Ease of use for your workers

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2. Personnel Management App

  • Edit the onboarding process (health & induction)
  • Add and distribute workers in teams and on sites
  • Send important updates (through toolbox talks, trainings and messages)
  • Create and send work permits and reports

Efficient management

Biometric Registration

  • Instant biometric registration
  • Real-time data exchange
  • Access approved/denied from the admin panel
  • Secured communication channels
We supply and install, as part of our software solution, market-leading biometric devices, fully integrated with Conply.

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